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Repair / September 19, 2021

1132 Rayburn Dr
Ste 103
San Antonio, TX 78221
(210) 787-3607

Marc has been helping me out for over 10 years!!! His pricing is great & service is even better! Thanks for everything Marc

This guy Marc is a life saver. I took my computer which had hundreds if not thousands of pictures of some family members that are not with us anymore. I took it to a guy down the street he told me he could not retrieve them. Second guy told me $600 to retrieve the pictures I guess he knew I was desperate. Next I ended up at Computer Repair Plus. Marc was at the Counter, he asked me what I needed, after explaining to him he assured me that he could retrieve he pictures. I went back after a week and to my surprise he had all my pictures saved. It is hard for me to describe how happy I was and I teared up. This gem of a guy charged me a fair price and made me his customer for life. God Bless people like Marc.

Marc repaired my fathers computer and my father found a brother mason. Guys like you are truly rare this day and age! Keep up the excellent & honest computer repair business!

-very reasonable -know's what he is doing (work's with several operating system's) -super informative -set's you up with your pc the right way -super reliable -super fast Thank's to Yelp. I found him!

I have an old toshiba laptop that had a problem with the screen. He did a good job getting it fixed and back to me quickly.

Computer had several issues (viruses/outdated software / operating system), took it in and was updated with new software in a few hours. Fast and professional services would recommend to anyone.

Incredible service. I stopped by on a quick business trip with a 2-year old Toshiba laptop that suddenly would not turn on. Not only did he immediately take the laptop apart and fix the problem in under 10 minutes (stopping the work that he was doing on something else to do so), but when I asked how much it would be, he said "whatever you think is fair." I tried to pay him but only had a credit card, and when I asked where an ATM was where I could get cash, he said not to worry about it, and wouldn't hear another word about it. Truly could not recommend highly enough.

This guy does excellent work on computers and MacBooks. I definitelly reccomend him. His service is fast and his prices are really good.