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computer repair Los alamitos

Repair / September 2, 2022

11232 Los Alamitos Blvd
Ste 102
Los Alamitos, CA 90720

(562) 431-7700

I have used this service twice. The first time was for my cracked iPhone. I called around for different pricing and they were very competitive. They were actually able to do it while I waited. I think it took about 20 minutes. I don't know that their regular time or if I was just lucky. They did a great job. Next we had to get our Mac laptop fixed. We had to replace the entire top part with the screen etc. Again, they had competitive pricing. They offered me three options from brand-new to used. I chose go with a used part and it saved me a couple hundred dollars. They are conveniently located in a nice area with a parking lot right next to them which was helpful for me because I had my two young kids with me. I definitely go there again and recommend them to a friend.

I've taken my iPhone here twice to have the front screen replaced, and both times, I ended up having other issues after they "fixed" my screen. The first time I got my screen replaced, there ended up being a very thin line going from the top to the bottom of my screen on the right-hand side. That line didn't show up until AFTER I got it "fixed". The second time, which was just a week ago, they replaced my broken screen with a new one for $90 which I thought was awesome. Well, they did a really bad job of putting a new screen on my iPhone because now, my phone screen shuts off randomly (probably about 40 times in one day) and it won't turn back on for at least 15 seconds. I've never had this issue before with any of my iPhones, and I've had 4. Will NOT be going back here ever again. Piss poor work and piss poor service.

Just got my MacBook Pro back today. Was worried about losing all my pictures and videos but Joe and Freddy was able to recover my data. I first took it to the Apple store and they said they would have to send it out in order to get it recovered. I was referred by a friend at my college. Thank you guys a lot you guys been very helpful.

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