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Computer repair Encinitas ca

Repair / October 11, 2022

After a major computer crash in our new home, could no longer network anything. Was quickly losing my mind, tried a recommended repair person (a NIGHTMARE - literally hundreds of $$ and NO solution). Finally turned to Angie's list and found Provider name locked. Wizards.

Left a message over a weekend - heard BACK, scheduled a visit and Provider name locked. arrived (on time, actually a few minutes early), listened to the issue, started diagnosing and within 15 minutes made more progress than the previous "expert". OBVIOUSLY knew exactly what he was doing - got network up and running, printers printing remotely, taught me how to reboot the system (if we ever had to), write down passwords - basically set me up to do basic stuff myself

He would have probably been done in under an hour - but I know a good thing when I see one. I kept asking questions about wireless connectivity which Provider name locked. patiently answered. Decided to return a device that we purchased from the previous computer guy (that never did what was promised) and buy a new wireless access port from Provider name locked. (for a LOT less $... in fact, returning the useless device paid for M.C.W. whole visit).

THIS is how IT and tech support is SUPPOSED to work.

It has been 7 weeks since service, everything is still working - even after shutting down all power to the house (for other reasons) and adding a new printer (myself) and rebooting pretty much everything at random intervals.

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