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Computer repair Las Vegas nevada

Repair / October 7, 2022

'pro-card__text-truncated' : !showFullText11
}" ng-click="showFullText11 = true">For all your computer needs and services, call us! We are licensed and bonded. PC Surgeons LLC has been rescuing wayward computers from death, and we are good at it. We are here for you and not the big bucks.
If you have the following issues, feel free to call for a quote:
• All computer services
Welcome to PC Surgeons Repair and Network Services. We repair most computer brands and makes. We offer free estimates and flat rate computer repair service, as well as on-site, commercial and residential free diagnostics.
We only charged for actual labor! Inquire about our 3 months warranty service on computer/laptop repair.
Computer doctors focuses on business/commercial • residential and on-site computer/laptop repair and networking services • help and technical support • networking • malfunctions • data transfer and backup • virus spyware scanning and removal • hard drive and data backups • installations • computer upgrade hardware and software configuration • rescue system crashes • troubleshooting • service and support • virus support and removal • hardware and software networking repair • laptop/notebooks repair • tune up/hookup • cable modem and DSL installations • internet sharing • hardware and software PC repair • windows operating system (OS) installations • on-site computer training • computer networking and printing problems.
We are highly qualified with over 12 years of combined IT business experience. Both our on-site and on-call technicians are consistently trained so that they may carefully and competently evaluate your computer malfunctions and execute the proper solutions.
We have sold, repair and serviced computers/laptops and networks to over 5, 000 customers, had 30% increase over the same period last year, and with a 98% repeat business success.
We are committed to providing all our customers with high quality computer/laptop repair and networking services, and to install excellent, top-of-the-line known brand names.
We specialize in servicing small businesses and residential in Clark and Ventura county, providing fast, reliable, economical and professional quality service.
- All of our technician are required to have a minimum “A+ certification”.
- Our on-call/on-site technicians are highly qualified, understand your needs and will provide their best judgment for an adequate solution.
- Based on our free diagnostic policy, we will work on your equipment with only prior authorization from applying a fair and conscientious charge on all work done.
We cover Clark county, focusing in servicing residential and small to medium-size businesses, petitioning ourselves as cost-effective and quality service provider.
We offer quality PCs, parts, internet and network technology services, repair and support for home, small and medium business customers.
• E-waste solutions
All old computers, laptops and units that need disposal of properly, we will pick up and dispose of properly.
We also do home theater installs: TVs, LCDs, and plasmas mounted securely on wall with wires hidden in wall great acoustic sound setup for home theaters
Give us a call or email us. I'm sure there is something we can do for you.
We come to you. Simply call us to select an appointment time to fit your schedule. We offer same-day and after-hours service. The labor rate for on-site calls is also the same for in-house repairs.

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