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Computer repair business tips

Business / December 19, 2017

Computer problems happen to everyone, and they usually happen when you least expect them. From setup problems, to computer crashes, to software issues, to networking challenges, every household (and business) with a computer has the potential to need computer repair and maintenance help from someone who is knowledgable about computers.

If you have a technical background and an expert understanding of computers, peripherals and software, a small business as a computer repair and maintenance service could be a great business idea for you.

Here is a look at the pros and cons of starting a computer repair business.

The Pros of Starting a Computer Repair Business

If you are weighing the benefits of starting a computer repair and maintenance business, make sure you includes these pros on your plus list:

  • Start-up costs are minimal.
  • You have a large target market - individual computer users, small businesses and home-based businesses.
  • You can provide ongoing maintenance service for clients.
  • You can work part-time or full-time, during the hours you choose.
  • You can offer emergency support at a premium rate.
  • You can work alone or as part of a computer repair franchise.
  • As technology changes, you have many ways to expand your service offerings, such as remote data access, Cloud backup configuration and mobile device setup and maintenance.

The Cons of Starting a Computer Repair Business

Although the pros and significant, there are still some potential challenges you may face when starting a computer repair and maintenance business.

Add these potential issues to your cons list:

  • You will need to purchase and maintain your own tools and testing equipment.
  • You need an exceptional knowledge of hardware, software and peripherals.
  • You will have to be able to explain technical processes in non-technical terms.
  • You may need training and will need to stay on top of changes in the industry.
  • Your location may require that you are licensed to perform repair services.
  • You may need insurance and be bonded since you may be entering your clients' homes.