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Repair / December 30, 2021

If your computer is making noise, running slow, displaying strange messages or not turning on at all, trust CPR for fast, friendly hardware repair services. Our technicians will determine the issue and recommend a repair solution that will get your system back on track while allowing you to stay in control of the costs.

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Security Services

As the owner of a computer, laptop, or mobile device, it is your responsibility to make sure you have properly protected your private information with high-quality security solutions. A CPR technician can help you to understand and select the products needed to keep you safe from threats like malware, ransomware, and identity theft.

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Cloud Backup Services

Your backup services are only effective if they are automated, secure and reliable. CPR will make sure you’re prepared with cloud backup services to protect your data from hardware failure and security risks like ransomware.

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Virus Removal Services

Viruses are extremely harmful to your computer and can often lead to identity theft and security breaches. If your device has a virus infection, contact us right away to discuss the best options for removing these harmful programs, bugs, and viruses while protecting your important files and data.

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Remote Support Services

Can’t make it into a CPR store for a repair? Connect with a technician from the comfort of your home or while on the go with our remote support services.

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Premier Tune-Up Services

Our tune-up services will have your computer up and running like new again! Our technicians will assess your computer’s components, software, security and the overall condition to get things running smoothly and efficiently.

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Data Recovery Services

Did your computer stop working? Are you worried you’ve lost all of your important photos, music, and files? CPR’s data recovery services are designed to help you retrieve your most valuable files as quickly as possible.

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