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Services / November 29, 2019

Great tech support delivered onsite by a neighborhood tech.

Is your PC down with technical glitches or witnessing errors such as the blue screen? Are you currently on the lookout for reliable tech support providers so that you can work uninterrupted? What if you got on-site tech services by proficient tech experts and that too at a time and location of your convenience? Wouldn’t it be so much hassle-free for you? Well, you can avail of our computer repair services and many more simply by scheduling an appointment with on-site tech experts of iYogi.

iYogi on-site computer repair services provide you appropriate solutions to every tech related problem in your PC. Our services are exclusively designed to meet the needs of both the working professional as well as the home maker. Our experienced iYogi Certified Technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot and repair your computer and peripheral devices at a location of your preference – be it your home or office.

We understand how things can go out of place when our computer or laptop stops working. Now, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Our specialists are there to help you resolve all sorts of technical glitches in your computer and optimize it for you. iYogi on-site computer repair service is a one-stop destination for all your tech solutions. Our technicians can quickly resolve issues in your Dell, HP, HP Compaq, Sony, Toshiba, IBM, Gateway, Panasonic PC; these are just a few of the brands to name here – we provide support for other major brands too. We are at your service between 8 am and 10 pm on all days of the week.

To sum it up, our wide-range of services cover-

1. On-site computer repair and upgrades
2. Virus and firewall protection
3. Home and office network installation and troubleshooting
4. Wireless network installation and troubleshooting
5. Spyware/adware removal
6. Data transfer and data backup

At present, you can look for our services in the following cities of USA-

a. Houston
b. Philadelphia
c. Raleigh
d. Austin
e. Aurora
f. Charlotte
g. Columbus
h. Cincinnati
i. Atlanta
j. Newark

iYogi on-site computer repair service can relieve you from the frustration caused by hauling over the city, trying to find a repair shop to get your PC fixed. Our on-site repair services have added to our increasing clientele of happy customers. We are waiting to serve you too.