Fast Fone Repair

Computer repair havelock NC

Repair / September 22, 2022

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}" ng-click="showFullText6 = true">OBX Service technology workforce has three divisions to meet your needs.
Residential Services
Computer tech services are no longer just a guy with glasses at a help desk. Almost every aspect of our lives are now filled with technology. From oceanfront webcams to web-based, climate-controlled systems, our staff can help. Tenants no longer just want an ocean view; they want to share their experiences at their fingertips with web-based social media to digital surround sound systems.
We offer two forms of tech support to save your clients and staff time and money. Our telephone and web-based help desk can eliminate the need for many service calls to remote properties by simply answering the questions over the phone for the fraction of the cost of sending a carpenter to troubleshoot a wireless router.
Our mobile technician is also trained and supplied with the correct tools to conquer almost any technological issue on-site the first time.
We also offer full-time office support. Is your phone system down, or are you ready for a new network to accommodate up to 250 users? We can help.
Our technology and marketing department is staffed and diverse. We offer a full range of consulting and freelance design services, ranging from corporate identity design, print and marketing, collateral creation, and PowerPoint presentation design to instructional manuals, administrative assertiveness seminars, and client relationship management strategies.
We have 7 years of accumulated skills, including shadowing top designers. A wide range of industries are served, including, but not limited to, aeronautical, health care, photography, health and safety, online marketing, and real estate. We have 100% customer satisfaction, with 90% of my business being generated by referrals. We worked with top companies such as CBRE Richard Ellis, Cabell Childress and Associates, and Tre Properties.
Our freelance real estate division can produce the materials you need at a price you can afford.
Do you not have time or the experience necessary to professionally photograph your listings and create top-level marketing materials? Is MLS not getting showings to your listings? Are your clients complaining you are not doing enough to get their home sold or rented? Do you think you could get and sell more listings if every property you listed had its own web page with virtual photos and endless space for information?
Call today to find out how inexpensive these services can really be.
Whether you need your company's new smartphones programmed, your rental property cable service repaired, or your office set up with a top security network to accommodate up to 250 users, we are here to help.

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