Computer repair Hazlet, NJ

Repair / September 2, 2022

Please stop in our Retail Store, located in Airport Plaza in Hazlet. We are a "FULL" service store, We provide repairs, upgrades, custom computer builds, networking, software sales and support, web design, custom ordering of merchandise. We also provide training and also have in store internet access and digital printing, We offer VHS to DVD conversion and have copy and fax capabilities in store. We do business or personal service calls to most of NJ So don't use a Geek or a FireDog to do your work and don't pay those "unAffordable or Big City Prices" Come into a place where you can feel safe, a HAVEN, and know we are not over charging and we will meet all your expectations and answer "ALL" your questions Free of Charge. Come in for yourself and see our HUGE selection of parts and other hardware/software. If we cannot fix it - No One Can. Come to the place that is "SAFE" to get your computer repaired. After all "Haven" does mean just that, a "Safe" Place.

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