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Repair / September 22, 2022

Computer Repair, Laptop Repair, Laptop Screen Replacement, Web Design, Computer Consulting, Virus Removal, Trojan Removal, Worm Removal, Malicious Software Removal, Email and Web Hosting


Established in 2010.

Ken Snyder Consulting was founded on a few core principles. Provide a outstanding service at a fair price, take care of all customers and stand behind all sales and services with a warranty. Ken Snyder consulting got it start, working locally on a systems from referrals and has grown to be a major contender in Central Pennsylvania, but also provides services outside of our onsite service area and state.

Meet the Business Owner

I worked for Earthlink as a Broadband Technical Support Rep providing support to customer over the phone which allowing me to repair connection issues using great communication and technical skills. I also worked for a local computer repair business that allowed me to hone my onsite customer service and system repair skills. I branched out, starting my own computer repair business in September of 2010. I am actively involved with technology based items and keep myself updated with various technology articles and papers to provide the best service to my customers.

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