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Computer repair Harrison ohio

Repair / August 1, 2019

3151 Harrison Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45211

(513) 661-4665

Can't say enough good things about this place!! Honest workers who don't try and screw you over with stuff your car doesn't need!!

I was visiting a friend in Cincinnati, and had 1 headlight out and the other went out as soon as I got into town. I drive a Volvo and changing the headlights are a bit tricky. My friend suggested I go to Tom's and I'm so glad I did! He was super kind, and was glad to help me out. I was in and out in about 10 minutes. You can tell the whole crew there is very knowledgeable about cars in general, be it foreign or not. Great crew, great work, and great prices!

Tom Bonhaus does a stellar work taking care of his customers, and it shows from all the people who are only too happy to patronize his business year after year. He has helped me out on more than one occasion, often times at last minute. Even today, he made time to have a sales rep from a local dealership bring a car over for him to drive an "have a listen" to how it performed. He's been doing this work for many years and I completely trust his judgement and the quality of his work. I'm so glad to have a neighborhood mechanic I can trust and who I know will take care of my car and me!

Finding a trustworthy, honest car mechanic is no easy task, but I'm happy to say that Tom Bonhaus Auto Service fits that description 100%. When my car needed some routine maintenance, I did quite a bit of research online and decided on one of the other shops in Cincinnati (also with 5-star Yelp reviews). While the service there was certainly not something to complain about, Tom Bonhaus is on a different (and better) level. I first went to Tom's shop to get a second opinion on a potentially expensive parts replacement, and Tom surprised me on the phone by offering to take a look the very next day, free of charge. He did a good job of inspecting the car, and after taking my car on a test drive, he informed me that the repair was unnecessary. Because of his honesty and upfront nature, I went to him again later on for a fluid change, which was completed very quickly by Jerry (the other mechanic at the shop) and at a reasonable price. After the fluid change, Tom personally took the car out for a short drive and checked the fluid levels afterward to ensure that they were correct. This attention to detail is something rarely seen at most shops or dealerships. Tom was also fine with me bringing in my own fluids for the change, which is a bit of a rarity among repair shops. In fact, one of the other repair shops in the Cincinnati area flat-out told me that they would not use any parts/fluids I brought in because they make a profit by selling those things at a markup (but hey, at least they were honest about it!). Regarding experience: Tom is an ASE certified master mechanic with something like 40+ years of experience. Jerry is an experienced mechanic who previously worked on jet engines when he was in the marines. Jerry is also ASE certified, and he mentioned that he spent quite a bit of time working at dealerships before coming to work at Tom's shop. I certainly have no qualms with either of them as far as experience goes. In short, I know where I'll be going for future maintenance/repairs as long as I'm in the Cincinnati area. If you need something done on your car, don't hesitate to give Tom a call. By the way, Tom does accept major credit cards, so no issues there!

Do you ever get nervous about dealing with mechanics? I do - I'm definitely not a car person. What I know about fixing cars has only been learned from those very things going wrong with the cars I drive. Enter Tom Bonhaus. A true professional, an honest businessman who makes it crystal clear that he has your best interest in mind. This guy will bend over backwards to make sure your repair is done right and that you're happy with the service. Which is super importance, you know? Car repairs can often mean coughing up money suddenly that you weren't planning on losing, so you never go into it happy. Tom understands that and makes sure you know exactly what needs to be done, explains the details of his diagnosis and work, and gets you out the door with a good price and excellent work. Heck, he even drove me back to my house from the repair shop... and then picked me up when it was done. I don't know what his radius is for doing that, but how is that for service? He was very personable during the ride and actually extremely interesting to listen to - he's really got a good heart for his customers and it shows. He's also intensely proud of his spectacular online reviews - and he should be, he's earned it. So yes - you're probably looking up reviews for local mechanics because you have a leak, shaking, smells, or a very vague dash light that recently came on. And Tom Bonhaus Auto Service caught your eye because of the spectacular reviews? No need to look anymore - check him out. Highly, highly, highly recommended.

Amazing service! Good, honest work, very fair prices. Needed a fuse fixed while visiting from out of town and Tom took care of it right away! So grateful to find a small and genuine business in this age of large, uncaring companies. Thanks Tom!!