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Asap Computer repair service

Services / October 20, 2019

4727 Frankford Rd
Ste 301
Dallas, TX 75287

(972) 733-4411

I had a great experience with PC ASAP. I contacted Joe about a problem with my desktop. He advised that they could take a look and that the first 15 minutes to assess the problem are no charge. The problem I had was fixed easily and as there were no parts needed nor did it take more than 15 minutes to assess and repair, there was no charge. I will absolutely be returning to PC ASAP for their honest and trustworthy repairs.

Well what can I say I had to pay $200 just to drop it off just so they can look at it. They did fix it and said they had to run malware because the problem is not just on Safari it was in my actual computer. My husband was pissed that I spent $200 and said a friend could have done this for free LOL. But I firmly believe you get what you pay for and it appears they did a great job.

Joe was very helpful with helping me to understand my own computer in its limitations due to its age. He also provided information regarding what to look for in a new computer, as well as antivirus protection.

Came back to let them fix the desktop I brought in previously for a diagnosis. Their communication is very very good. I gave them my computer, got an update on the status the next day, and the couple days afterwards as well. They would tell me what they found, what options I have, and a quote for the parts. They would also e-mail the invoice for me to review. I had plenty of questions in terms of my options and they were very informative and helpful in finding the best choice for me. A small setback is that, after ordering the parts I wanted, they found out that the actual issue with the computer was with the Power Supply and not the motherboard. So I was refunded the costs of the motherboard I initially paid for, then got a power supply through them. Everything was done very quickly and the mistake only caused a 2-3 day delay (~10 days total) in getting my computer fixed. Considering I had assumed it would take ~2 weeks to get my computer fixed it was not a big issue at all. Oh, they also helped clean up the wiring in the desktop to make it more neat and it looks great - big thanks!! After a few weeks, no issues with the computer! Glad I came to these guys for the fix.

FAST SERVICE! I walked in on a Friday and had my laptop ready 4hrs later! Very knowledgeable staff, explained everything in words I could understand and kept me informed of what they found.

hese guys are fantastic. Each time I have had an issue with my old Mac and my iPad, they have not only assessed and fixed the problems but done so speedily

David had been wonderful! He helped to diagnose my Mac in a very different way than Apple ever could. He considered the little things which should help my Mac run smoothly now! He also showed me how to clear up a ton of hidden, useless data which had been taken up space. I sill def come back to him for all my computer needs!

I asked them to perform some maintenance and repair to my laptop, and they did well. David Myers listened well and addressed my issues, one by one, until it was running right. It cost me a few hundred bucks (new battery), but I'd say it was money well spent. I appreciate people who are good at their job. If you do as well, go here. That's all I can say.

Excellent & timely service, great prices. These are the go-to guys for computer service.

Brought my laptop in today. As someone who is not computer savvy at all, he could've told me that there were tiny elves inside my laptop and he needed to charge me to get them out. Instead, he told me that my charging cord was dead AND I needed a new battery...causing a dual problem. He told me to use my husbands charger and told me where I could get a new battery. Then sent us on our way, no charge. It's so hard to find honest people that aren't eager to nickel and dime you. I have another computer that I need fixed, and he just made a loyal customer out of me!

Really helpful staff, the guy who helped me out explained everything he was going to do. They do charge a diagnostic fee but it was worth it to have my computer fixed the same day, and it was cheap then having to buy a new part for it. ! This is a small company, but they do big things. I would bring my computer back... But hopefully i wont have to.

I went in yesterday because my laptop refused to let me type anything and Joe had a magic touch. He helped me quickly and professionally. It turned out there wasn´t anything wrong with my computer - just me knowing very little about computers ;) - so even though I would have happily paid Joe didn't charge me anything. Great service, thank you!

I couldn't do my job without PC ASAP's technology support. It's like having my own IT Department. David and Joe have kept my systems secure and healthy. I feel very fortunate to have found this service.

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