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Services / September 24, 2020

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I needed a hard drive replacement on a 27" iMac. Darren quoted $100 for labor and $279 for a 1 terabyte SanDisk SSD for a total price of $379. That was a great price so I asked him to come down to replace the hard drive. Tony came down and installed the drive with no issues. We have a large number of computers at the company I work for so I look forward to working with Darren and Tony again.

These guys were great! Spoke to Darren and he had a guy (Armen) out to my home in less than an hour. Armen had my completely crashed and non-booting computer fixed in less than 15 min! I'm so satisfied with the service that the first thing I'm doing, now that my computer is back up-and-running, is writing this review. Highly recommended! I Thank you!

Had another computer issue-Armen told me what the problem was. His fix didn't quite solve it in the allotted hour, so he gave me advice on how to fix it after my computer was done thinking. He tweaked a couple of things, set the computer to restart and update, and voila-it worked after he left! They fix, and if the fix doesn't work, they give you other options, and they also provide you with information and education so that you can learn how to apply fixes yourself.

I can not even begin to tell you how great the service is at Mobile Computer Repair! Darren is a true professional. He always made it convenient for me to meet up with him and he was ALWAYS prompt. Their pricing is great. I would HIGHLY recommend this computer repair service provider to anyone who wants a reliable, knowledgeable and cost effective solution.

They were a No Show yesterday like a few other reviewers here after telling me they would be out between 10:00am and 12:00 noon. Not even a phone call to let me know. Unreliable!!! Look elsewhere if you want a company that's reliable.

unfortunately I had a horrible experience. They showed up to fix a keyboard on my laptop - they took a photo of my laptop and got a $100 deposit and they promised to have it fixed in 4 days. they didn't show up for a week and after multiple phone calls and different excuses they promised me that they will send me a refund check which never happened. I don't even think they are computer professionals.

Every time I have a computer issue Mobile Computer Repair comes to the rescue the same day . Sometimes I get the same tech and sometimes I get a new tech . Most of the Techs are nice and seem to know there stuff . I do pay by the hour so timing becomes a concern . If the issue is bad it can become quite expensive . I have tried some other places and it all costs about the same . Over all if a person has a computer issue and an emergency tech is needed this place is good

Darren helped me out over the phone. He was helpful and patient. I broke the hdmi cable on my monitor and thought I had to replace the unit. He helped me find the right cable and reminded me that I can simply exchange one cable for another. Duh. Thank you fellas.

Darren and the crew from Mobile computer repair are great! They do the computer and network upkeep for the entire office. Now I fancy myself a pretty knowledgeable person when it comes to technology but if I ever have any questions these guys will answer it. Top notch service!

NOT recommended! Called in had first appointment scheduled he called me to reschedule for the next day. The next day I called the guy 3 times and he said he is on his way.he never made it and no phone call either! Waisted my time for 2 days waiting at home for him to show up and fix my computer like he promised.. Very disappointed. Bad customer service waist of your time!

All I have to say is that Darren is the best!!! He comes out to the house (I live 30 miles away from town) and has everything he needs to fix anything!! Very prepared!! I like that:)

I called Mobile Computer Repair, spoke with a nice gentleman and made an appointment for someone to come by between 3 and 5 pm. No one arrived, so I called the company's number and got an answering machine. I left a message and then called a few of their other numbers and left messages, asking where they were. They never showed up and never called back to apologize or reschedule. I can excuse a scheduling error. We all make mistakes. But not to call or apologize, after receiving several messages, is inexcusable for a business.

They have done a great job for me. I have used them for many years and no job is too big or small. I have confidence that Darren could always fix the problem and do it quickly. I do not hesitate to call him when there is a problem with my computer. He's very reasonably priced too and won't give you the run around.

I had a virus and a few other issues with my computer so I called these guys. They were very friendly and professional and were here within 24 hours of my call. I ran into a small problem a few weeks later and they were happy to help me over the phone - problem solved at no extra charge. Highly recommend!