Repair Pasadena: What Should You Ask Your Computer Technician?

computer repair pasadena

Repair / November 18, 2021

2379 Garfias Dr
Pasadena, CA 91104
(626) 794-4900

I will be brief, If your computer is not working go see Tony. If you need to set up a network go see Tony. If you think you need a new computer, go see Tony. Tony explains things in a way even a Chairman of the Board or a Vice President can understand. He could make my Dad understand the issue and he is really really old. The best part is that when the computer comes back it works better than new. The bad part, the bad part is that he is located too far from my office. But you should really use Tony.

Tony was great. Really easy to work with and reasonable. He is personable, and exudes a helpful, friendly, easy-going, and competent attitude. I felt I could trust his service and advice. Highly recommend his services and would go to him again for computer repair.

A friend recommended connectionz to me because Tony had fixed her broken computer and hard drives 3 times in the past and his price is very reasonable. I came to Tony with a very broken hard-drive, one that Best Buy couldn't fix. He got back to me quickly and said my external needed a "clean room" recovery. He helped me get in touch with the right people, mailed out the external and negotiated for a better price. His service is really good, and didn't charge me anything on his end. I just got my external back today. At least 99% data restored in its original folders.

I was sick of feeble Wi-Fi signals in the back of my house and have wasted money on a few allegedly-good Wi-Fi repeaters (none of them work well, trust me). So I bought a couple of nice wireless routers, ran an Ethernet cable under my house to hook them up and, voila!, had no idea how to configure them even with the manual and hours of online research. I email Tony, who is the ONLY employee in his company (which is good, cuz he knows his stuff and isn't sending out a pimply-faced hack to mess things up) and he comes out the next day. Thirty five minutes later he has hooked them up and reconfigured, set up new account names and passwords of my choosing and walks around my house and backyard showing me my new blazing fast, cancer-inducing powerful Wi-Fi signal! Hallelujah! Give Tony your business.

This is a really honest business. I had a damaged external hard drive. I brought it to Tony. The next day he contacted me and told me that the disk had physical damage that needed to be opened in the clean room. He was not able to do it. He referred me to a different lab. He didn't charge me a penny. He even gave me a shipping box. Now a days, getting your computer repaired is like sending your car to the garage. You never know how much they are going to charge and whether they can fix it. I definitely trust Tony. If I ever have any other hard drive problems, I will definitely send to Tony first.

Tony is my Go-TO computer guy. He recently fixed two laptops we had, one had a crashed hard drive and he was able to recover all the data. Very prompt, knowledgeable service. Reasonable prices!

My son's aging Dell laptop suffered a severe head crash, and I didn't have a backup image. I'd done a fresh reinstall twice before on this machine, and it's rather labor intensive. Once I learned I couldn't find the image I'd created the second time, I didn't want to go thru it again. So I brought the machine and a replacement drive to Connectionz. It took Tony two tries to restore the laptop to operating condition, but it wasn't his fault (his first restore included windows' default DirectX graphics drivers, which turned out to be incompatible with one of my son's games, and the age of the machine made it hard to find the right drivers). Nonetheless Tony refused to charge me additional labor for the second attempt. Tony's service was prompt, polite, and knowledgeable, and his price was fair. I highly recommend Connectionz, especially if you are seeking service for a Dell computer.

Tony is great guy. He repaired my business computer HD after business hours, which was very helpful. He knows what he's doing & provides great customer service, which is very hard to find now days.Hope don't need to use him to often, but when needed I'm glad I found him, I know where to go for any computer related problems. Very reasonable & pro service. Thx Tony.

Tony is absolutely amazing! We've used his excellent services twice now, but most recently we had a PC that crashed and we needed Tony to bridge some legacy software that was from 1995 to our new PC, which was running Windows 10. We tried installing the software ourselves, but of course with no luck. Couldn't find the original install CD either. Tony was able to get the software up and running from install files saved to a flash drive, onto our new PC, without any kinks - all data recovered, too. He's amazing (kind of like a Rockstar PC tech). Whatever issues you're having, give Tony a call, because he'll most certainly be able to fix them!

Tony has been amazing. His company is now our company's go-to guy for all of our networking issues. He saved our company from a computer server melt down and potentially losing all of our data. He was very quick in resolving the issue and made sure we were up and running as soon as he could. He also recommended additional things we could do to protect our data in the future.