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Repair / August 31, 2022

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}" ng-click="showFullText9 = true">We offer laptop/PC/MAC repair with 10 years of experience and are A+ certified techs. We are two techs, moonlighting outside of work (shhhh!)
We don't have hourly fees (except for tutoring and large data transfers 25gb+). Everything is per service based. Most repairs are done next day, and this fast service time is not possible at chain stores(unless you pay them more!). Our competition at Geek Squad and Staples Easy Tech is typically twice as expensive if not more, have much longer turn over time(3-5 days), and done by non-certified techs. We guarantee to always be cheaper than them for our services. Every computer we work on also gets a full hardware diagnostic.
We also do custom desktop builds, password removal, virus removal, gaming console repair, other electronics and tutoring. If you have any issue at all, no matter how small or weird it seems, we can help!
Unique Service: We offer hard drive data recovery on logic and mechanically failed hard drives. This normally means that your data is lost, unless you send it out to a data recovery center that charges $1, 500-$3, 000 to recover your data. We've had a good success rate and charge 10x less!
Happy Holidays!
Visit us on Facebook at "Sandbeach Computer Repair"
FREE electronics recycling: phones, computers, printers, tv, etc

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