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Repair / September 27, 2022

'pro-card__text-truncated' : !showFullText5
}" ng-click="showFullText5 = true">If you are having problems with your computer, if you need advice, consultation or technical support, or are looking to upgrade, Total Tech Care is the one to call!
Total Tech Care is a newly established business dedicated to unsurpassed superior customer service and satisfaction through the means of honesty, integrity, and highly knowledgeable technical support; respect, appreciation, and the best service possible for and to the customer is what defines the way Total Tech Care does business.
Every effort will be made to get the job done right, the first time! E-mail and phone-based technical support is, has been, and always will be free! If you have computer issues, give Total Tech Care a call or send an e-mail for local, friendly technical support. If a house call or repair is needed that can't be deal with over the phone or email, our prices are some of the, if not the, lowest around.
Total Tech Care specializes in custom-building computers to fit the specific needs of any person, business, or other organization. The highest quality computer components are used to ensure reliability and durability, with most parts coming standard with at least a 1-3 year factory manufacturers warranty; some components even come with a standard lifetime warranty!
If a component fails under warranty, warranty/RMA service is free so you have less to worry about. Extended warranties and warranties on unwarranted parts (usually peripherals such as keyboards, mice, speaker systems, and things of that nature) are available for a small extra fee if desired that is usually between $7 and $25 depending on the value of the part. A special and unique PC can be built specifically for you to fit your lifestyle, budget, and needs!
Services offered by Total Tech Care also include consultation, basic data recovery, data backup, parts sales/installation, professional secure flash memory/hard drive wiping, program tutoring, and home and small business networking consultation and installation (wired and wireless).
Standard House Call (Diagnosis + Transportation): $15
If a technician is told what the problem is beforehand, the diagnosis fee ($10) is waived. Transportation base rate is $5 for in-town loacality in Wenatchee...

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