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Repair / September 7, 2022

Computer Solutions was highly reccomended to me via my next door neighbor who owns Atlantic Signs. His computer had crashed, he brought his computer there and not only was it repaired in record time, but he was back in business quickly as he did not have a back up computer. I brought my computer in, they completely reformatted it, replaced the ethernet board, found and replaced a bad capciter in one of the boards, and also installed what i consider the best secuirty system on the market. ALL THIS FOR UNDER $200 ! They are courtious, nothing but professional, cost affective, and provide help with keeping my computer running right with a link from their shop. If the rest of the businesses in the U.S. would be run like this with quality workmanship and stand behind their product warranties. we wouldn't be in the shape we are now. If I could give you 30 stars i would. Thank you Chaiyz and crew for all you do.

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