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Repair / August 22, 2022

Let The Cell Phone Repair Specialists in Houston Get Your Smartphone Back in Working Order

Picture this – you’re walking home from Rice Stadium, celebrating the latest win for the Owls when someone bumps into you and sends your phone crashing to the ground, bouncing several times across the pavement. We all know the distinctive sound of expensive technology meeting pavement. Well. don’t panic because at LifeLineCell Phone& Tablet Repair, we’ll work our magic on your shattered iPhone, Samsung Cell Phone, or other smartphone and get back on your way.

Our trained cellphone and tablet technicians can do more than fix shattered LED screens in Houston, too. In addition to providing excellent customer service, we offer a variety of services ranging from free diagnostics and water damage diagnostics services to battery replacement, camera replacement, charging port replacement and so much more.

Issues with your PC or Mac?LifeLine Offers Computer Repair Services in Houston

If it’s not your phone that has you troubled, LifeLine can handle it. We offer complete servicing on both PC and Mac laptops, desktops, and notebooks. LifeLine Repairs is your one-stop-shop for all of your computer problems in. Services include diagnostics, LCD replacement, battery replacement, keyboard replacement virus scans and more.

If you’ve found yourself in a panic because your paper is due tomorrow and your computer won’t turn on, we can help you too. LifeLine offers data retrieval for PCs so you can get that paper turned in on time and avoid your third all-nighter in a row.

Smashed iPad or Samsung Tablet? Our Tablet Repair Specialists in Houston Have Got You Covered

Are you a medical professional working in the medical district in Houston? We know how important it is that you have access to your patients’ charts on your iPad or tablet. We also know how hard it is to work three night shifts in a row. If your sleep-deprived self happened to drop your tablet in between patients, don’t fret! The trusted tablet and iPad repair specialists at LifeLine can get your gadgets back in working order in no time.

No matter your profession, though, we are committed to bringing life back to your shattered tablet or iPad in Houston. We can even replace broken components such as the front camera, the loudspeaker, the battery, the power button and the headphone jack.

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