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Computer repair hourly rate

Repair / September 22, 2022

Computer repair covers a range of internal and external computer issues. Items to be repaired can include desktop computers, all-in-one computers, tablets and netbooks, and laptops, as well as auxiliary items such as printers. Common requests for computer repair assistance include cracked or damaged screens, hardware or software issues, computers that won’t turn on, suspected malware or virus infections, internet connectivity concerns, diagnostic services, upgrading components, data recovery, and more.


Cost can vary depending on whether you drop the computer off, a technician comes to your home or office, or a tech picks your computer up and delivers the repaired machine back to you. Travel time and gas mileage may increase the hourly rate for computer repair work. PC ASAP, for example, is a company that offers a free initial diagnosis in its store or will provide a home or office service with a $50 travel fee, plus the cost of hourly labor after that.

Billing structure

Computer repair companies charge either per project or by the hour. Before work begins, be sure to confirm the hourly rate and ask about how many hours the job will take. Fixed-rate pricing is more common with clear-cut computer issues, such as replacing a cracked screen. HiEd/Computize offers a menu of fixed and hourly rates:

  • Diagnostic fee: $40
  • Pickup and delivery of a computer: $30
  • Virus and malware removal: $75
  • Reformat and OS installation: $75
  • Hourly labor: $80 (applicable if labor is more than 30 minutes)

Tech training

Computer repair pros with advanced training or certifications may have higher rates. Likewise, pros with specialized skills in niche areas may also command higher rates.

Rush services

Same-day or next-day turnaround requests can incur higher costs because the professional must redirect current efforts to accommodate emergency or immediate needs.

Cost-saving strategies

Consider the current age of the computer needing repair. It may be more cost-effective in the long run to replace older computers—particularly PCs—than to repair them. An exception is if files from an infected computer are to be transferred to a new computer. If the original computer is infected with malware, it is wise to seek repair help.

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