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Repair / August 22, 2022

Basic data recover, virus removal, add wear and spy wear removal, Crushed hard drives, blue screen of death, upgrades
of o/s, set-ups, broken laptop screens, broken laptop power
imputs, softwear and hardwear help, wire-less problems, internet
problems, power issues, the need for speed.


Established in 2010.

Nerds of Collin is a recent franchise based business trading as nerds we can fix it which has been in operation for about 10 years nationwide. One of my reasons for wanting to join this company came after watching friends and colleagues being over charged, and encouraged to buy new products instead of repairing their current computers or laptops. We have thus far completed work for the Texas Department of Public Safety, in connection with Harbour Touch to install POS systems.
Nerds of Collin is based on integrity, honesty, loyalty, reliability. We are a company based on consistency. We are a mobile business and service both commercial and residential customers. Your personal information is very safe and secure with us. We will treat your equipment with utmost care.
We service Frisco and all the surrounding areas, including: Plano, Little Elm, Colony and Carrollton.

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