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Repair / August 10, 2017

24224 Northwest Fwy
Cypress, TX 77429
(281) 256-7443

Though he couldn't fix my iPhone 7 Plus he was extremely fast in responding to my messages. I would recommend.

These guys work quickly and at a great price. They run is like an old school brick and mortar. Professionals. The good reviews are legit.

I live in the area and went here to have my shattered iPhone 6 screen replaced. it was $119 and I was originally very pleased with the job. HOWEVER, not even a week later 1/3 of my screen(LCD) went black after I had turned it off overnight to charge. I took it to apple (where I should have gone in the first place!!) and they pointed out that I had the wrong glass screen with in minutes with out me mentioning it!!! After paying for the proper screen apple diagnosed that my LCD was damaged by the screen Tech-Savvy had put on because it was not the correct fit!! DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BUSINESS FOR PHONE REPAIRS!!! It only would have cost me $20 and travel time to the apple store in the first place to have the repair done right

They don't rip you off. They are fast and do great work! I dropped my iPhone a few months ago and eventually my screen stopped working. They originally were going to charge me $109 for a screen replacement, but they ended up not having to replace my screen. Instead, they fixed something internally and my phone is now as good as new! They only charged me $49 for the repair. My whole family comes here, and we are (unfortunately) regular customers. Laptop viruses, laptop hinge replacements, broken cell phones, you name it, we've done it, and they've fixed it. Our last laptop hinge replacement was $59 for both hinges.

I don't write many reviews or good ones but these guys are legit! Took my iPhone 6 in to look at the signal issue and a 'key' issue! Ray gave me a loaner and tried to fixed my phone through all the methods possible! In the end they were honest and let me know it would be too difficult to fix and told me that it would probably be best to trade it in at apple for about the same price as replacing my logic board! You guys can trust your electronics with these guys! -joe

This place is great!!! I've been here a few times for my computer and phone. I had broken hinges on my laptop which were fixed and my virus cleared which was all very cheap. For phone fixes, they typically give your phone back within the same day and do not take long with computer also. They are super cheap and fast compared to others like Best Buy etc. and definitely worth it. I would recommend this place to everyone because not only is the service great but the people are very welcoming!

I received excellent customer service from everyone there! I had my iPhone serviced for a cracked screen, broken camera and mute switch, all fixed in about an hour. I went to get my nails done at Regal Nails (excellent experience as well) next door while I waited and picked up some snacks at HEB. Overall, great price, great service, and conveniently located to shopping.

I used Yelp to request a quote and information on replacing an iPhone 6 screen. Alex responded within an hour. I called later the same day to confirm availability and drove to the store. I was pleasantly greeted and the repaired phone was back in my hands 35 minutes later for a price within $10 of every competitor. Location of the store is convenient with plenty parking in a well maintained center. Would definitely use them again, if needed. Would definitely recommend.

Been doing business with Ray and Ahmir for years. Always done well by me and the fam. Prices are fair and reasonable. Beats the hell outta going across the street to "Worst Buy" or Sprint for simple fixes, accessories etc. Great moms and pops spot for most of ur mobile gadgets, laptops, tablets needs. Will definitely continue doing business with yall. Congrats to Ray and Afsheen on the new addition to the family.

I have a Galaxy Note 7 with a cracked screen, didn't really mind the cracked screen because I was supposed to get a new phone when the revised models were released. It turned out the newer revised Note 7 were pulled as they too had the burning battery problem and I was out of luck. I called numerous places and they wouldn't touch my Note 7 and came across Tech Savvy... they were more than willing to help me fix my screen and it works with no problems. i would highly recommend using them.

After a night of drunken debauchery, my old LG G2 decided to kamikaze itself into the floor, screen first. The resulting carnage was catastrophic and it rendered my phone inoperable due to the fact that I could no longer get the phone to recognize inputs on the screen. Called several places around town and no one had a G2 screen in stock and the prices varied quite a bit if I wanted to wait a few days to get one in. I tried Tech-Savvy due to their close location to my house and they advised that they could fix it in one day for $99. While an old jalopy G2 isn't worth anything, the data on the phone was important so I went ahead and had them replace the screen. Dropped it off Tuesday at 4pm and picked it up the next day at 3pm. Screen is like new and all of the functions are working as they should. Now that I have a working phone and have sobered up, I went back and saw some horrific pictures from the night of drunken shenanigans. Drinking tequila... bad choice. Using Tech-Savvy... great choice!

Great job good price. I checked around and prices equal or better. Guys working were nice and honest told me risks (broke my iPhone screen). They got backed up on work but did not close until items promised same day were done.

I came to the shop today!! Amir immediately helped solve the problem with my iPhone!! He was patient and very friendly!!! I would recommend coming here to solve all of your cellular device needs!

Really good friendly service fixed my broken iPhone screen really fast! Dropped it off before the weekly shopping venture in HEB and it was done by the time I was finished.

Thank you for saving me! Amir at Tech Savvy helped me out by fixing my phone very quickly right before I had to leave town. Professional & really reasonable. Recommend Tech Savvy for sure!

These guys are great, fixed my wife's iPhone 6 very fast. Good prices very knowledgable and extremely friendly. If you have a broken iPhone look no further. They are located in front of the HEB in between the two entrance doors

After my previous post, my LCD went out again, on a Sunday (which is a busy day for them only having 1 tech working). They were super accommodating and stayed late to ensure that my phone was repaired same day. Thank you!

Fast, reasonable, and great customer care. Alex didn't just take my phone and fix it, but explained to me what he was going to do first. They also have a bunch of cool cases and speakers. Very happy!

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