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Setting up a computer repair business

Business / May 18, 2019

I am contemplating doing some computer setup/repair/consulting work as a sideline business. I have always been pretty good with mechanical and electronic stuff. I've built a bunch of my own computers and I have been a computer consultant to friends and family for many years (I'm 62 years old).

I have an existing office (insurance type business), which I share with a partner. We make decent money, but I get bored sitting around the office.

I am think about targeting home users and offering setup/repairs/consulting in customer's homes, where possible or feasible. Obviously, some repairs would need parts or a lot of time, and for those jobs I would bring the computer back to the office. I would be doing Windows-based machines only, no Apple stuff (don't know if this is a big drawback or not).

Part of my business plan is to offer the following services:
1) free pickup and delivery
2) in-home repair service, where possible
3) in-home consultation & setup to help folks use their computers easier
4) in-home setup of printers, other devices and /or networks

I know enough to be dangerous, but I am not an IT pro by trade. I would absolutely want to get some additional training, so any tips or tricks, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.