5 Important Considerations before Starting Computer Repair

Starting computer repair business

Business / April 27, 2017

"... I would like to be the one in control not a bunch of people who look at you as a piece of furnture to be cast into the trash dumpster..." -Teekon

While the above is certainly a valid feeling! and concern! - I'm not sure if that will carry you through the thick, the thin, the good, the bad, the ugly, day after day after day. Maybe start out part-time and slowly build a client base. Also, for you - have a Mission Statement, a Purpose, Goals and Actions, and a rock-solid Business Plan [for the banks and lenders and investors].

And, learn a real good lesson from freelancers posting on clientsfromhell.net - have a lawyer help you draw up crystal clear, EZ-read, close to iron-clad contractS [yes, plural] for your potential clients. And, yes, unless you want to brown or burn out, EVERYBODY pays, no matter if clients are: your father, your mother, your brother, your sister, any extended family, friends, neighbors, business and sport associates, and even Mother Teresa if she was alive today.

Source: www.bleepingcomputer.com