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Successful computer repair business

Business / June 23, 2017

I often write about how to work on your business, your computer or your client; but in this article I will be focusing on working on ourselves. It takes a certain type of person to become successful in the computer repair business and here are 5 tips on how to become that person.

Do What You Love

If the only reason you want to enter this industry is because of the money, you are in the wrong field. If you love learning, working with computers and challenging yourself, you are in the right place.
There are many times in this business where you will wonder whether its all worth it such as working 12 hour days trying to get your business on its feet and being paid a minimal amount. If money is the only focus then it will definitely not be worth it. It is the love of this job that will get you through the tough times and make you successful.

Keep On Learning

I bet you know more about computers than anyone else you know in real life and your family and friends look up to you as if you were some kind of tech god. Your parents and teachers said you were some kind of computer prodigy and you probably were compared to the others in your class. That is all well and good when you are comparing that to people who aren’t in this field, but what about when you compare yourself to people who are? These are the people who you will be competing against.

The computer industry moves much faster than other industries so you have to keep on learning or you will fall behind. The moment you think you know it all is the moment you stop learning. If you stop learning then that is the moment you don’t know it all.
I have been in this business for almost 9 years now and I learn something new every day from the Technibble forums.


There are many people who don’t follow their dreams like starting their own computer business because they don’t have the money. Don’t ever blame lack of money because there is always a way you can make it happen.

I personally know people who are having trouble finding enough money to put food on their table at the end of the day. They complain the welfare system is rubbish because they don’t provide enough for a family to survive on. These are the same people who smoke, have a big plasma TV, cable television and brand spanking new mobile phones.

Quitting smoking will free up a few hundred a week, selling the TV and buying a $250 one would free up enough money to go see an accountant and a lawyer to set the business up legally. Disconnecting the cable television will free up $50 – 100 per month which you could put into advertising and a cheap mobile phone and an pocket organiser is all you really need.