Repair Windows 7 Using the Startup Repair Tool

Computer wont go past startup repair

Startup / July 5, 2017

Turn off the computer and wait at least 5 seconds with the computer in a full off state.

Turn on the computer and press the F8 key repeatedly as the computer starts.

An "Advanced Boot Options" screen opens if the system partition on the hard drive is still good.


If the "Advanced Boot Options" screen does not open, use a recovery disc. Insert the first recovery disc into the drive and turn on the computer. From the Recovery Manager main screen, select Advanced Options, and select Microsoft Startup Repair, and click Next. Skip to step 8.

Select Repair Your Computer and press Enter.

Select a keyboard layout that matches your country/region and click Next.

When the login prompt appears, select the user name with Administrator rights (not Administrator) from the User Name drop down. The user name with Administrator rights is most likely the first user name that was entered during the initial computer setup.

Type the logon password into the Password field and then click OK.

If you do not know the password, leave the Password field blank and click OK. If you are unable to get past the password window, notify the system administrator for the password or perform a system recovery to restore the system to its previous state.

A System Recovery Options window opens.

Figure : System Recovery Options

Click Startup Repair.

A Startup Repair window opens and automatically scans for startup problems.

Figure : Startup Repair

Perform the actions suggested by Startup Repair: system restore, correct damaged or missing files, or other action.

A window may appear stating that Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically. If an Internet connection is active, click Send information about this problem to help Microsoft better understand and react to these issues. Otherwise, continue to the next step.

After Startup Repair has been used, try to open Windows.

  • If Windows Vista opens, you are done.
  • If Windows Vista does not open, perform the first portion of this section again to open the Startup Recovery Options window and continue.

From the Startup Recovery Options window, click Command Prompt.

If you had to use recovery discs to run Startup repair, press ALT + D at the Advanced Recovery Options screen to open a command prompt.