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Software / September 2, 2017

D7II is a True Professional’s Multi-Tool designed for automation in diagnostic, Windows repair, and malware removal scenarios. d7II is the successor to d7 Premium, the vastly popular #1 tech tool and the product that made Foolish IT.

  • Automation

    Automate numerous internal features and 3rd party applications with d7II

  • Productivity

    Increase technician productivity and efficiency, save time and dramatically increase revenue!

  • Customization

    Extremely customizable configurations enable personalization of tech workflow to your preferences.

  • Reduce Training Overhead

    New techs get ‘on the job training’ with your best repair practices, while handling 80-90% of your bench work like a seasoned pro!

CryptoPrevent is an Anti-Virus/Security Software Supplement, designed to prevent infection from all types of malware, including ‘ransomware’ which encrypts personal files, later offering decryption for a paid ransom.

  • CryptoLocker Prevention

    CryptoLocker, copycat, and other ‘ransomware’ protection (malware that encrypts your files for a ransom.)

  • Automatic Updates

    A Premium Edition exists including worry free, hands free, automatic and silent updating of application and definitions on a regular schedule.

  • Security Enhancement

    CryptoPrevent complements traditional Anti-Virus software well, offering a wide range of additional malware protection.

  • Bulk Discounts