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Computer repair middletown ny

Repair / December 30, 2021

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Had an issue with my laptop. My pictures and documents got lost. Tried some other places, they wanted a fortune for Data Recovery service, something like $500+. Decided to try this Laptop Shack Store. They told me that it's not exactly that expensive Data Recovery Situation, and it still possible to recover files, just for $99 or up to $199. So, by the end my bill was $160 which saved me A LOT! Thanks you Guys to get my pictures and documents back! Will Recommend you to my Friends Too!

My iPad screen was cracked, so I brought it to the laptop shack thinking it would be more of a reputable place than Walmart's iFix, but was I wrong. When I first came in I dropped it off and picked it up the same day everything seemed fine, however, I noticed the screen was lifting in the bottom right corner, I went back the next business day, and told them about it, the guy said while he was fixing it he noticed the iPad had a dent so it couldn't fit perfectly on the iPad or whatever, but not to worry just put a case on it. I had the iPad for maybe 2 weeks or so after maybe a bit longer and the screen cracked on the same side, so I came in showed the people at the store, and they basically said they can't help me, as a stand up business if there was something wrong with the iPad (dent) that would cause the screen not to properly get fixed then they should've called me to let me know, so I would know there was a risk after the repair was done. I left with no resolution. Shady place.

I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a job well done. Considering that your technician was able to diagnose and have our server properly repaired and returned within essentially 24-hours enabling my office to stay on track with scheduled work and appointments was very impressive. Our server had a burned out power unit and would not power up. Additionally it crashed during an update and needed start-up to be repaired. Our business would have been severely impacted if these items were not repaired in the time it took!!! Thanks so much!!!

Great place, exceptional service. Have been in three times for issues and, in every case, Joe has been as good as it gets. Highly recommended.

Brought my laptop here a couple years ago because it had a terrible lag and a friend suggested I change the CPU thermal paste. I'm a design student so I needed to have my computer fixed ASAP. Come back a week later and the guy at the counter looked a little flustered and handed over my laptop. Didn't think anything of it till I reflected a bit later. Get home and start up the computer. Notice it's still lagging but runs a little bit faster. I was in the middle of moving to a new county so I didn't bother running back to tell them that the issue was still present. A couple months later the computer practically dies out on me. Runs so slow I can't do anything with it. I completely wiped it and rebooted everything several times before having to eventually take it to a shop to have it looked at. So I took it to the local place near my new house. A few days later the guy calls me to the shop. Asked if I had it serviced before and I immediately thought of Laptop Shack. I tell him yes, I did, and he said the last person who was messing with the insides of my computer BURNED the mother board and there were scorch marks that looked "pretty bad" (there shouldn't be burn marks in the first place!). Well, that was a $1, 400 laptop. At that point it was practically worthless and so beat up that I ended up just buying a new one. I'm still fuming about it all this time later. I don't know what the workers there are like now but if they're the same folks as before then stay away. Cost me almost $1, 000 extra that I didn't have.

I've had my laptop for YEARS. A while back I got a virus on it that wouldn't allow me to do anything past playing solitare. It also had a cracked hinge which forced me to hold the screen in place while in use (like I said, I've had this thing for a looooooong time). I called laptop shack and told them what was going on. They assured me they had dealt with similar issues and would be able to fix my beloved computer. They had my lap top for a couple weeks maybe (they had to order a new hinge), and when I got it back, it worked great. All my pictures and music were still there, and the new hinge was nice and tight. I also really appreciate that I got phone calls from them every few days with an update on their progress. Everyone was really nice. I would definitely go back.

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