CompuFix - IT Services & Computer Repair - 2910 Gilmer Rd

Computer repair Longview TX

Repair / May 20, 2022

Forget the big box store wait! Why wait a week to find out what's wrong when you can have it back & working in a couple of days? Our average turnaround time is less than 48 hours for most computers. Turnaround on iPhone repair, about an hour. Busted laptop screens? Next day!


Hardware & software, Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS & Android, we are well versed in repairs of all types. From solder work & bad capacitors to flashing new firmware on a Naze32, LiamTek has you covered.


A commitment to solving your computer problems means you can count on us to get the job done the correct way. If it's not right it is not done!

Liam Tidwell Welcome to LiamTek!

You’ve found the best place in Longview for reliable, friendly, and effective computer repair and IT services. Our expert technicians are trained on the latest techniques to solve your technology problems.

The LiamTek difference:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction, We’re not happy till you are
  • Rapid turnaround – We fix it quickly & correctly
  • Clear, friendly, & honest communication
  • No geek-speak – We’re here to teach you not confuse you
  • Professional and experienced staff
  • We’re local, We’re Veteran owned & operated
  • Accessible – speak to the tech, not a sales person
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