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Computer repair Jupiter FL

Repair / August 22, 2022

The name of Jupiter, Florida isn’t the only “out of this world” thing about this city. Fix my PC Store has been offering “out of this world” Jupiter computer repair since 2005.

All types of Computer repairs

Fix my PC Store provides the full spectrum of computer repair. Aside from fixing software and hardware problems in PCs, laptops, iMacs and Macbooks, we tackle virus and fix spyware issues. We do data backups, data retrieval and any other computer related services. Our motto is “Simple. Fast. Fixed” and hold us to that.

Our clients in need of Jupiter computer repair love that we will drive to them. Besides our On-Site Repair service, in which we come to your home or office service – we offer our amazingly popular Remote Computer Repair service for an online diagnosis and repair of most software and virus problems while you sit back and watch from the comfort of your home. If you wish to fix everything yourself, your perfect option is our Computer Phone Support service. You’ll simply hop on the phone and talk to one of our expert technicians who can walk you through the entire repair process.

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