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Computer repair jobs salary

Repair / September 14, 2016

A computer repair technician is an individual who is proficient in fixing problems related to the software and hardware of desktop and laptop computers. It may also be necessary to have expertise related to repairing other electronics, such as printers and tablets. The technician may work in a shop or a retail environment, or he or she might work in a factory, where a higher volume of computers are repaired.

Tasks are often done independently, and time constraints and quantity expectations are given. In some cases, the computer repair technician will work directly with customers. Strong communication skills may come in handy, in order to understand what sort of issues the customer is having with the computer. Customer service skills are also important to maintain the customer’s satisfaction with the service. The computer repair technician may have to be familiar with a variety of hardware, computer operating systems, and programs. Strong troubleshooting skills are necessary to determine solutions to issues about software and hardware. The ability to use hand tools, such as screwdrivers and soldering equipment, is important. Knowledge of wiring relating to computer hardware is also important.

To gain the skills necessary to be a computer repair technician, it is often important to complete a program of study related to computer repair and to obtain relevant certification. Prior to this, the technician should have completed a minimum of a high school diploma. Some jobs are done on a freelance basis, while others are regular, part-time, and full-time positions. (Copyright 2017