Computer Repair Service Orange County CA (714)951-3514

Computer Repair, Fountain Valley

Repair / September 9, 2022

Coast Computer Repairs Laptops & Computers, any make or model Hardware & Software, no power, black or blue screens, email issues, Installation & Repair Wireless, Virus & Spyware Removal. Internet Issues, Data Backups & Recovery & new computer setup, install printers, repair printers, We Also Have Same-Day Up To 24 Hours Services. Onsite service available at your residential or office. Call us we will call you back!!


Established in 1999.

Tom & Annette McKenzie Started in 1999 working out of a home office, in Huntington Beach, in 2006 Coast Computer moved into a retail shop in fountain valley and is still in the same center today.
Coast Computer is family owned & operated in Fountain Valley and serving the surrounding city's in Orange county

Meet the Business Owner

Tom Loves his work, hes here to find the solution to your problem, tom is known to take the extra steps for his customers...

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