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Computer repair flushing ny

Repair / September 25, 2018

133-12 41st Rd
Flushing, NY 11355

(718) 886-8032

Steve was a pleasure to work with . Very friendly and efficient . Came with a laptop needed repair at 7pm got it back 8:30pm . Highly recommended .

Just purchased a new 525 gb hard drive and 8 gb memory online, but couldn't figure out why my Macbook Pro 2009 was not starting until I brought it into San San Computer. San San Computer was able to help me install the software for Macbook (duh its empty hard drive) and now my Macbook Pro 2009 works BRAND NEW. San San Computer was the last missing piece for my Macbook to operate and upgrade and helped me save money by not having to spend over a thousand dollars for a new Macbook Pro. Super happy! Thanks, will be back for any further Macbook issues!

I wish I could give them 6 stars. The customer service is awesome! My laptop fell and the power button broke. He fixed it in minutes. It's hard to find parking but it's worth your time, I promise. I'll def be back & will be recommending all my clumsy friends!

I had a couple of issues with a gaming pc and even though I have some knowledge of PCs I needed professional help so based of reviews I chose this spot and I was not disappointed. Basically I had a faulty power supply that wouldn't work as well as other issues. Steve was real nice and easy going. I actually dropped it off without taking a receipt because I had to move my car but he called me and emailed me one which is a sign of fantastic customer service. So I get my pc back and it worked pretty well but it did turn off again so Steve said bring it right and he installed and new fan on the power supply and it's been working great ever since and he didn't even charge me for the follow up. I know if I have any problems in the future I will come here. It's a little out of the way for me but it's well worth it.

Steve was amazing. I bought my computer to other places and they told me to get a new one. Steve fixed it and it ran like brand new. This is an IT pace that knows what they are doing

Repair the computer phone to fight him where to repair the boss is very good and responsible

I had an issue with my MacBook Pro where the keyboard and track pad wasn't working because of water damage. Within a day he called me in to pick it up. The service was great and the price was unbeatable especially since there was student discount. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants cheap and top notch service. I would definitely come here again with any problems I might have in the future!

Seek NO further if you have a problem with your phone of computer - this is THE place! A year ago, my IBM laptop froze after a couple of warnings of lack of disc space which I didn't heed. IBM Tech Support sent system discs to reset my PC but said they could not recover the files. I hadn't backed up my hard disc for a year so ready to give up hope until I found San San on Yelp. I'm glad I did. They recovered almost all the files and replaced the hard drive within a couple of days. When I recently dropped my iPhone 5S (cracked the screen, flickering and unresponsive), I went back to San San and asked if it could be repaired. Steve said yes and fixed it within an hour. Amazing crew at San San: tech savvy and helpful. Check out all their partnerships and credentials posted on their walls! Thanks San San - you're the BEST!

It is okay service. Probably will not come back again for my computer. My keypad is broken and I went to get it fixed. I am the type of person who wants everything to be punctual. First of all, the store does not open on time. What happen if I need to get somewhere? Anyway, I went home and the volume still does not work? I told Steve to fix it. Still not working? Anyway, it is okay. I am a student and should have offered a student discount. No discount when I asked when I go pick up a computer. For around hundred buck, this is okay.

Just want to keep this short and sweet - Patient service at a fair price. No gimmick. No disguise. No hyped up prices. Hardworking technician who saved laptop from the evil virus (sadly my saved documents had sacrificed). Happy ending with a returned laptop at home. Thinner wallet with life lesson learned - the Internet is a dark, dark place.

Avoid getting your ipad fixed here, they did an awful job. My ipad was dropped and I came here to fix it. They gave it back to me, and I immediately knew there was something wrong. This was confirmed when it broke again and when I went to fix it at another Apple authorized place, they told me that the previous fix was bad, and San San used a cheap material screen and didn't use the proper glue. 1) The home button was wobbly 2) The screen was not properly glued on Since it was fixed, I used it and thought it would be OK. Lo and behold, a week later, the home button part cracked and the rest of the screen cracked. Service wasn't even good. This place deserves less than 2 stars.

Believe the reviews! These guys are great. I thought I wasn't going to be able to pull data from my unresponsive Macbook without paying a small fortune but they were able to do it for an affordable price and in half a day! Be sure to bring your own external hard drive.

Quick and easy. Also the cheapest place to get your computers and gadgets fixed. My Lenovo yoga 3 suddenly died out of nowhere. I called sans sans and told him my issues. I brought it in and it was fixed in three days. But afterwards my ups outlets didn't work..

Have just had an ecxellent experience with sansancomputer. was very very grateful for the sound advice. expert service. Would crtainly recommend. Thanks again

I got water on my laptop and brought it over to get it fixed. Steve disclosed the estimated cost and time frame for the fix. Followed up with the progress on a daily basis, was it delivered as promised. Excellent Service!