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Repair / August 22, 2022

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}" ng-click="showFullText3 = true">I have more than 20 years experience installing, repairing, building, maintaining and designing computers and networks, however my experiences include many other fields which are listed below.
I have experience in many different aspects of the tech field, from computers, networks, cell phones, video game consoles, cable/satellite TV, high speed internet and HDTV installation.
I have experience in the following fields:
• Installing, repairing, designing, maintaining, and upgrading computers and network systems
• Installing low voltage cabling such as Category 5 and 6 (Ethernet), as well as coaxial cable, for satellite or cable television
• Installation of wall mounted HDTV's, as well as sound equipment and making necessary connections.
• I am fully capable of wiring new electrical branch circuits, electrical outlets, switches, dimmers, light fixtures, ceiling fans, chandeliers, and other appliances, as I have worked for electrical companies in the past.
• I am also capable of installing plumbing fixtures such at lavatories, toilets, faucets, and electric water heaters. Depending on the situation, I can complete major plumbing work, such as new installation and renovation, as I have worked for plumbing companies in the past.
• Pressure washing
• Trash and junk removal
I offer competitive and fair pricing for many different types of labor that I can provide listed above. I am also able to accept major credit cards such as American Express, Visa, and MasterCard. I am also able to give a 5 percent discount for necessary materials purchased at any Lowe's brand home improvement store.
I enjoy making the end customer happy they selected me for any labor or consulting provided. I believe in taking the honest approach to dealing with customers as it can be potentially infuriating to to be deceived when having services provided. I have the heart of a teacher when it comes to performing a service for any customer, and I am willing to help customers better understand products or services that I may provide.

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