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Repair / December 28, 2021

837 Howard St
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 495-5888

Their repair service is top-knotch. Tony is knowledgeable, careful, and friendly. I'd badly stripped a screw while trying to disassemble my laptop, but he managed to get it out. He even gave me a set of high-quality screws to replace my laptop's crummy ones, all free of charge. Also, their weekly sales are often really great. I snagged a top-of-the-line solid state drive on discount recently.

My past experience with CC has been okay. Had it not been, I wouldn't go through the hassle of parking at the Mission St garage and hauling my computer(s) in a cart just to get to their shop. Finally, someone there told me about their 'Will Call' pickup area in the back off of Clementina. This last experience, I was told it was likely that my screen (LED) had to be replaced on my desk top computer. That was on July 26th. I called a couple of times the following week to get a status report... both times always left on "HOLD" for an excessive period of time (8 minutes and 11 minutes) forcing me to always call back to speak to anyone else who could tell me what was going on. Communication is definitely a hassle. Never got any kind of satisfactory answer to my inquiries. Last time I called was on August 8th and Victor said he'd call the techs at Santa Clara and call me right back. He didn't. Then on August 10th, I receive a voicemail stating they couldn't find a replacement screen and to pickup my computer. I guess it took 12 days to determine the 'unavailability' of this particular part.

So I came in to return a motherboard that I was not satisfied with because it didn't seem to work right with my video card. one of the employees then takes the mother board and fidgets with the box its in. he opens the bag the mother board was in and tries to put the cpu protector back on.. he puts some stuff on top of it and sticks some wires that were in a bag ontop of the box. he forces it closed. after 20 minutes of walking around the store the employee comes over and tells me that the CPU connections are bent and that they don't accept returns on broken merchandise. Livid. I tell him that he must have broke it with how he was carelessly shoving things into the box. goes on to tell me theres nothing the store can do and that I can contact the manufacturer but that it would take a month for me to get it back and that they'd charge me 150$ to send it in. thanks for the 300$ useless motherboard that you broke. Truly the worst electronics store I've ever been to. They make fry's look like heaven for customer service. not to mention they wasted my time and provided no help at all. I hate these people so much.

I received extremely rude and unprofessional service from this store. I went in looking for a silent mouse so I could work late at night and not disturb my partner. I asked if there were any quiet mice and was told that they're all the same, that none are quiet. When I mentioned why it meant a lot to me to find one, he told me condescendingly, "just tell your girlfriend to put in headphones", and that I need to "man up" as I was checking out. I explained to him why that's unreasonable to ask late at night, marvelling at how unempathetic and misogynistic this employee was. To top it all off, I ended up finding the exact product I needed by myself, the Logitech Silent Plus. So they're incompetent as well as rude and clueless.

Went here twice and had pretty good service. Picked up an adapter then replaced my hard drive for more storage space. Doubled my storage $150 done that day with all dada transferred over. They are not the warmest bunch of people but heck who is now of days. They did good by me - I will use them again.

Helped me get my Lenovo Yoga laptop repaired via warranty, even though it was of no benefit to them to do so. I've kept returning since then, and always got the help I needed. Knowledgeable and friendly, with a good selection.

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