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Repair / March 3, 2021

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}" ng-click="showFullText20 = true">I'm a professional Network Administrator in the twin cities area. My goal with Thumbtack is to raise the bar for computer support options for individuals and small businesses in Minnesota. I'm a certified professional in Cisco and Microsoft technologies, for business management and engineering, respectively. Skills which I extend to help you and your business should you choose to take advantage of my services.
You'll find me a great resource for your home and/or office to resolve any computer problems you may have or will have. I specialize in Network Security (virus removal), Disaster Recovery (data backup and restoration), virtualization technologies and remote office/home-office connectivity (VPN, remote desktop). This means I can secure your home and/or office network without impacting performance. I can make sure that after I implement a disaster recovery plan, you never lose an important file again, even if you deleted it on purpose and need it back.
I can make sure you're able to access your office and home even when you're away from your office and home. And if you're trying to reduce hardware costs while maintaining the ability to use legacy applications that haven't yet been updated, won't be updated, or applications that can't be updated, then through virtualization, I can make sure you're still able to use those applications, without needing the old hardware (which costs money to power and maintain).
If you've tried others who haven't met your needs, or you think you are paying too much for outsourced IT or you are simply looking for more options, then please contact me and together, we can set up a free survey and consultation where you can have your most important questions answered. I'll also provide valuable advice or insight for what you may want to do immediately or in the near future.

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