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Repair / July 6, 2020

Computer Repair Services provides computer hardware and software repair for UNH faculty, staff, and students. Our staff is certified to perform warranty repairs on university supported Dell and Apple personal computers. We also provide non-warranty service on many brands other than Dell and Apple as well as Hewlett Packard network printers.

Hardware Services

Diagnostics - Diagnostics of hardware and software, including scans and physical inspection of computer to determine cause of reported issues.

Warranty repairs - Computer Repair Services is authorized to perform warranty and out-of-warranty work on all Apple and Dell computers for UNH students, faculty, and staff.

Apple - Regardless of where you purchased your Apple computer, we are able to order hardware under warranty.

Safe-Ware (Accidental Damage for Apple) – Computer Repair Services is able to process and repair Apple computers with Safe-ware coverage.

iPhone & iPad Repairs – CRS can mail these items to the depot for repair for fast turn around.

Dell Warranties – Regardless of where you purchased your Dell computer, we are able to order hardware under warranty. Standard labor fees for installation may apply on models other than Opti-plex and Latitude.

Dell Rapid Response Warranties – Unfortunately, we do not perform hardware repairs covered by Rapid Response. If you have a Rapid Response warranty from Dell, please contact Dell directly for service

Out of Warranty Repairs - In addition to performing authorized warranty service on Apple and Dell computers, CRS also offers out of warranty service on those brands and other computer brands which includes Hard Drive replacements, Screen replacements Apple Glass Replacements, keyboards, palm rests and more.

Apple Liquid Spills – These types of repairs can be costly. CRS partners with an outside company to provide competitive pricing on Apple spills.

Hardware & Software Upgrades: CRS can extend the life and capabilities of your computer by upgrading hardware components or installing the latest versions of software. Examples include:

Hard Drive Upgrades including HD to SSD can improve start up time on your computer significantly.

RAM Upgrades increase the speed and functionality of your computer.

OS Upgrades such as Win 8 to 8.1 or an upgrade to Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks.

Software Packages upgrade to the latest version of MS Office, Adobe Pro, etc. to get everyone in your department using the same version.

Replacement Parts

Hard Drives – CRS stocks an assortment of common size Hard Drives and can get your computer back up and running quickly in the case of a Hard Drive failure!

Other Common Components - Laptop Batteries, AC Adapters & Power supplies & Trackpads & Keyboards – CRS can replace these part for most current models, but in most cases needs to order the part individually.

Software Services

UNH Out of Box – Computer Setup for new computers purchased through the UNH Computer Store. Complete details listed here.

Data backups - Backup of client data. Delivery of back up will vary depending on size. Restoration to hard drive on request.

Software Re-builds on latest Windows and Mac OS – Re-install operating system/software applications on a computer. Estimated time varies depending on support level offered by manufacturer as well as number of applications to be installed

Windows on a Mac – CRS installs current versions of Windows on a Mac using the latest versions of Parallels. Boot Camp installations also available.

Virus removal - Removal of virus, spyware, and malware from computer. Re-install of Operating System could be necessary based on extent of infection.

Software Installation – For most commercial titles. You valid license and media may be required. Some restrictions may apply.

Password resets – CRS can reset the computer password for most current versions of the operation system. This is not to be confused with your Wildcat or AD password.

Other Services

HD Wiping - Preparation of a computers' hard drive for re-use, transfer, or disposal consisting of 3 pass DOD wipe.

Environmentally Friendly Disposal – CRS partners with a local vender to safely and dispose of electronic equipment in an environmentally friendly manner. It is possible in some cases to transfer ownership of your computer, working or not, to CRS disposal. This can be done by stopping into the MUB and filling out a short form.

Source: www.unh.edu